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Thursday, October 31, 2002

The Obsession Continues

The Myrtle's is going to be featured again in half an hour {10:00 pm, central time] on The Travel Channel during their Mysterious Mansions special.

Scare Yourselves Silly

For any of you reading this in time The Haunting Of The Myrtle's Plantation is coming on in half an hour [9:00 pm, central time], on The Discovery Channel. Watch if you're intrested, you'll see I wasn't making anything up. DJ's not home so after an exhausting night trick-or-treating, I'm going to go pop some popcorn, watch the Myrtles, maybe a few Friday The 13ths, a couple Halloween's and scare myself silly! I hope ya'll are having fun out there! Be safe!

Monday, October 28, 2002

All About My Date, My BOO-TY, And More

Actually Sol, it was just the opposite. You weren't losing me to reality, on the contrary I was suffering from Simitis:

As Defined In The Joie Sandler Dictionary;

1. The direct result of prolonged exposure to the Sim-ulated atmosphere of THE SIMS ONLINE, resulting in swollen limbs from lack of movement, disillusioned brain cells, and lack of blog updates, which indirectly causes angry friends.

Heh, sorry guys. I really shouldn't have waited so long to tell you about my spiritual encounter, because now I'm afraid it's not going to be as good as you all were hoping for. In fact, you probably aren't even going to believe my story, but it was a really cool experience and I know it happend, and I guess I'm the only one that needs to believe it.

Ok, so, Friday night, I went on a date to The Myrtle's Plantation . I made myself all pretty for some ghosts, sprinkled angel dust on my shoulders and headed out to St. Francisville, Louisiana. St. Francisville is a little bayou town by Baton Rouge, so we got to take the ferry across. I love those things. But I don't recommend getting out of your car while the ferry's moving! It makes you real dizzy. Hee hee, if you ever take a ferry, get out of the car before you start moving or just stay put! Anyway, I got over it soon enough to enjoy the boat ride.

I have 3 of those angel visor clips in my car. One from my grandparents, one from my mom, and one from my friend Crystal. I'm not a bad driver, but apparently they think I need some divine intervention when I drive :) I've never even gotten a parking ticket! Siiigh, oh well. Out of the three angels I have only one is still up. The clips broke off the other two. The one that's up is the one from my grandma and my grandpa who passed away in May, and it says Grandchild, Please Drive Safely or something like that on it. It's come to be my favorite one and kind of holds some meaning for me, so as much as I didn't believe in ghosts (not angels), I was going to bring my little guardian angel with for some protection. I forgot it. :)

We got to The Myrtles around 9, so it was nice and dark and rainy outside. Good atmosphere for seeing ghosts right? People have seen the children ghosts of The Myrtles playing out in the highway. We didn't see them. Other people have been turned away from the gates by someone dressed in khaki, telling them to go away that The Plantation was closed when it wasn't closed, and furthermore, they didn't have anyone sitting at the gate. We didn't see that ghost either. We made the mile long walk up the driveway since we had to park across the highway, because they were busy with the Halloween season and all. It was a beautiful walk, lighted by candle light all the way up the sides of the driveway. The grounds and the house itself are just gorgeous. You can see pictures on their site. I would live there ghosts or not.

You can read about the history and spooky things that happen at the Myrtles here. I was going to go in to alot of detail about the history of the house and the information we learned, but seeing as I was supposed to finish this entry 4 days ago, I'll cut it short to my experience. A man died on the the 17th step in the foyer, in the arms of his wife. It has been said ever since that sometimes you can hear the sound of his wife crying and smell her perfume. We could smell the perfume, but there were also alot of women in our tour, so who knows. Next we went into the Ladies Sitting Room where the light flickered on and off. I also felt something pressing hard on my purse, but thought it was just me. While we were in the Ladies Sitting Room, the tour guide pointed out to us alot of the architecure that was in the house to ward off spirits. On the base of the chandelier, there were 4 angels looking over their shoulders, towards the 4 corners of the room. This was put in, because spirits like to hide in the corners of rooms. So as we went into the Dining Room, I chose to stand in the back right corner while listening to our Guide. There was an a/c vent in the corner, but I thought it was extremely colder in the corner than it should have been for how lightly the vent was blowing. We then moved onto the Ladies Parlor, nothing strange happened there, but our guide said the group before us experienced alot of strange sensations like someone was tickling their legs or arms. Next was the Gentleman's Parlor. Nothing happened there. Yet. As our tour guide led our group into the Childrens Dining Room she warned everyone over and over not to lag behind and stay in the Gentleman's Parlor, because something always happens when people lag behind. So, of course, I lagged behind. It wasn't hard, there were about 50 of us in the tour and not all of us could fit in the Children's Dining room, so I kinda stood on the threshold between the Parlor and the Dining Room. While she continued talking I walked around the Gentleman's Parlor looking at the beautiful, original furniture. Nothing happend, nothing happend, nothing happend, so I headed back to the threshold. As I stood there I felt a sensation go up my back and lift my hair, like somebody was touching me. There was no one behind me. It wasn't a scary feeling. It felt good. It was calming, soothing. A Gentleman ghost feeling me up! :) And no he didn't touch my BOO-ty :) LOL. He started at the small of my back and worked his way up. I can't explain it, but it felt good, and it wasn't a sensation that I could have just imagined. Of course no one believes me, but oh well. I was thrilled to just have experienced one, and I can't wait to get my pictures back and see if they picked anything up. On the tour before us our Guide said there was a guy who kept basically saying bullshit about everything, and when he lagged behind in the Gentleman's Parlor he screamed and everyone saw his baseball hat lift up and his cell phone spin around. That's what you get for not believing!

So that's my story. Next time I go I'm staying the night. I'm obsessed with the spirits at the Myrtle's now, and it doesn't feel like a scary place to me. I know there's at least one soothing ghost there. Who knows, maybe next time I'll get a little BOO-ty action (I love that Peacock, too funny) and get lucky too! LOL.

P.S. To answer your question Amy, let's just say there was some exhibitionism going on in the car on the way home!

Saturday, October 26, 2002


I went on a wonderful date tonight and got felt up by a ghost. I'll explain tomorrow. I'm tired. Sweet Dreams.

Thursday, October 24, 2002

Getting My Groove On

I met this chick and she just moved right up the block from me
And she got the hots for me, the finest thing I need to see
But oh, no, no, she got a man and a son, oh-oh, but that’s okay
‘Cause I wait for my cue and just listen, play my position
Like a shortstop, pick up e’rything mami hittin’
And in no time I better make this friend mine and that’s for sure
‘Cause I-I never been the type to break up a happy home
But there’s something ‘bout baby girl, I just can’t leave her ‘lone
So tell me, ma, what’s it gonna be
She said, “You don’t know what you mean to me,” come on

No matter what I do
All I think about is you
Even when I’m with my Boo
Boy, you know I’m crazy over you

East coast, I know you’re shakin’ right
Down south, I know you’re bouncin’ right
West coast, I know you’re walkin’ right
(You don’t know what you mean to me)
Midwest, I see you swingin’ right"

The best part of living in Louisiana? These people know how to get down! Yes I love the fact that the people across the street are blaring Nelly out of their speakers, and I love the fact that everyone's out there dancing in the street. Man can Louisianins dance! I love that the marching bands play hip jazz tunes in the parades instead of the same old, boring marching, war tunes. And my favorite part of the parades (Mardi Gras especially) is watching those bands dance! They're like some fraternities out there stepping and getting down, and they do it the whole way! Even in between songs, their little marches aren't marches like in boring MN parades, they march for maybe two seconds then on the drum downbeats they do a little step show. Then you have clubs that stay open until 4 in the morning, in MN they're only open until 1, and riverboat casinos with free alcohol, and well tons of stuff. It's neat, I love the culture down here, I wish there was a way to blend it with MN's beauty and tranquility. It's not really something that can be explained, it's something you just need to come experience for yourself! I got an open couch........

Angels of Health

First, go read this post about Peacock's sister receiving some healing touch from a possible Angel on Earth?

Ghosts, and spirits and such intrigue me. I guess that's part of why I've always loved Halloween so much. But I've always wanted to know are ghosts and spirits evil or good? Or is there a mix of the two? I truly believe in Angels and just this very morning found out that I may have actually seen one.

I was listening to 94.5 KSMB (For you Big Brother fans, this is our local radio station that Krista is a morning DJ on) on the way home from the Doctor's this morning. (Mikey's allergy shot) Well, they were asking people to call in with their ghost sighting stories. So one lady called in and said that she saw a spirit of some kind while she was delivering her daughter at Womens and Childrens Hospital. She said she was in Labor and Delivery Suite #4, and as a nurse came in, she looked out the window and saw a woman with a white aura about her working on a baby, and getting things out of cabinets, etc. At first the woman thought it was a window into another room. The nurse that had came in, turned her head to look at what the woman was looking at and got confused. It was a new nurse so she too thought it was another room, and went over to shut the blinds. As she went to close them, the ghostly woman turned her head and looked at the nurse and the woman having the baby. The nurse closed the blinds and then opened them again and they were staring outside, the other room, woman, and baby were gone. Doesn't that send chills down your spine? Imagine me as I was listening to an image I thought I had imagined or dreamed, being described in detail on the radio. First of all, Labor and Delivery Suite #4 was my room too when I was admitted to induce labor with Michael. I had quite a traumatic time in the hospital, and floated in and out of conciousness while I was alternately in pain from Pitocin-induced labor, and complete bliss from the rare moments when they would be kind enough to give me some demerol. Michael's heartbeat was slowly growing weaker and weaker, and as I fearfully watched the fetal and contraction monitors my mind of course began to get a little insane. When all of a sudden Michael's heartbeat plummeted into life-threatening 30's, my room immediately filled with tons of RUNNING doctors and nurses. I was ready to pass out from the anxiety, my body was spasming and shaking so bad out of fear that I thought I was having a seziure. At some point as they were rapidly attaching things to me, pulling other things off, and prepping me for an emergency c-section, I think my mind just left my body. I turned and stared out the window, thinking I was looking into another room, I saw..... a woman with a white aura about her working on a baby. I remeber thinking, "What is she doing to that baby?", but not thinking that she was harming it, rather that she was saving it, and a feeling of peace came over me after that, as they rushed me out of the LD suite and into the OR. The thing is, I KNEW that the window didn't look into another room, but outside. Yet that thought never occured to me as I was watching the woman. As you know, obviously, Michael is a healthy little boy today with the exception of allergies, and being slightly on the small side. He has no heart problems, and was born with a perfect APGAR score of 10. He was a month premature, but didn't need to go into the neonatal intensive care unit, or even use any of those terrifying looking machines you see most preemies hooked up to. I never thought again about the White aura woman, thinking it was only my imagination. And now, this lady calls in, some lady I've never met in my life, describing my imagined image?? No. Just like that, I'm now convinced this "woman" was Michael's guardian angel in the hospital. But not only Michael's, I think she's a guardian angel for all unborn babies in Women's and Children's Hospital and I was lucky enough (by the grace of God?) to choose that hospital for my delivery. The woman who called in didn't say if she was having labor troubles or anything while she was in the hospital, (and she hadn't had any drugs when she saw it) but I'd like to find out. I was going to call the radio station and relate my experience, but after I asked DJ if he had seen anything like that, I changed my mind. DJ didn't sound like he was too convinced and I think he thinks I'm making it all up. Plus the DJ's at the radio station didn't sound too convinced themselves. Except my girl Krista! She believed the lady. But the other two DJ's told the lady she probably saw a reflection in the window from another room across the hall. The thing is, LD suite #4 is at the end of the hall. There is no room across from it, only beside it. And you know when you open a door and put it back against the wall? Well that's the wall that the window is on. How can a reflection from another room or even the hallway for that matter, hit the window??? Strange, but now I don't just feel it, I KNOW I have angels hovering above my head that I don't deserve.

Poor Peacock

Since I changed my template, I went through and de-cluttered my Favorite Blogs list. I got rid of links that either I don't read anymore, or that don't read me. And some I just got rid of because they're already linked on everyone else's blog, and I don't read them daily, so when I do want to read them I can just jump there from one of your blogs. I deleted a great blog, Fallen Thoughts, by Peacock, only because I had thought he had stopped reading Life In Louisiana. Sorry man. Thanks for continuing to read, and your link is back up. Turns out he just can't comment when I have a trailing cursor. Guess I might have to lay off on those for awhile. Oh shut up. I know you secretly liked my ghosts. Oooh, speaking of ghosts read the next post!

Because I Miss Sharing My Joke Of The Day

Yesterday's Joke Of The Day
A pheasant was standing in a field chatting with a bull.

"I would love to be able to get to the top of yonder tree',
sighed the pheasant, 'but I haven't got the energy'.

'Well, why don't you nibble on some of my droppings?' replied the
bull. 'They're packed with nutrients'.

The pheasant pecked at a lump of dung and found that it actually
gave him enough strength to reach the first branch of the tree.

The next day, after eating some more dung, he reached the second
branch. And so on. Finally, after a fourth night, there he was
proudly perched at the top of the tree. Whereupon he was spotted
by a farmer who dashed into the farmhouse, emerged with a
shotgun, and shot the pheasant right out of the tree.

Moral of the story:

Bullshit might get you to the top, but it won't keep you there.

Today's Joke Of The Day
One day, this man, Tony, died. When he was sent to be judged, he
was told that he had committed a sin, and that he could not go to
heaven right away. He asked what he did and God told him that he
cheated on his income taxes, and that the only way he could get
into heaven would be to sleep with a 500 pound, stupid, butt-ugly
woman for the next five years and enjoy it. Tony decided that
this was a small price to pay for an eternity in heaven. So off
he went with this enormous woman, pretending to be happy.

As he was walking along, he saw his friend Carlos up ahead.
Carlos was with an even bigger, uglier woman than he was with.
When he approached Carlos he asked him what was going on, and
Carlos replied, "I cheated on my income taxes and scammed the
government out of a lot of money... even more then you did." They
both shook their heads in understanding and figured that as long
as they have to be with these women, they might as well hang out
together to help pass the time.

Now Tony, Carlos, and their two beastly women were walking along,
minding their own business when Tony and Carlos could have sworn
that they saw their friend Jon up ahead, only this man was with
an absolutely drop dead gorgeous supermodel / centerfold.
Stunned, Tony and Carlos approached the man and in fact it was
their friend Jon. They asked him how is he with this unbelievable
goddess, while they were stuck with these god-awful women.

Jon replied, "I have no idea, and I'm definitely not complaining.
This has been absolutely the best time of my life, and I have
five years of the best sex any man could hope for to
look forward to. There is only one thing that I can't seem to
understand. After everytime we have sex, she rolls over and
murmurs to herself, "Damn income taxes!"

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

The Next Ivory Soap Baby??

Ivory Soap is having a $50,000 Scholarship Contest for the next Ivory Soap Baby. I know, I know, alot of you are thinking is she really going to pimp her son's face out like that??? Well ya know what, if it gets his college education secure in the bank at just 2 years old, you bet your ass I am! It's not like he's going to be the next mini Spears prodigy dancing, singing, and not having a childhood. All he has to do is one of his favorite activities, pose for pictures. Michael is extremely photogenic and charismatic. I'm not saying that just because I happen to be his mother either. Check out his photo pages on the side and see for yourself. There's also 5 first place winners from each region, and they'll each get a $10,000 scholarship. I can see Michael winning this and then deciding college isn't for him later in life. But how nice to have that option sitting there all paid for him! We love Ivory Soap!! :)

A New Look

I didn't take down my GORGEOUS Halloween template to please any of you, I was having a problem with it. So I just trashed it. HAPPY??? :)


Can't. Change. Template. Too. Frustrated. To. Look. At. Blogger.

Tuesday, October 22, 2002

I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you.
Yes YOU. You know who you are.

Monday, October 21, 2002

If People Could Describe Me With One Word:

Parents: "Impatient" (What?! What is that supposed to mean??? Oh nevermind, I don't have time to wait for an answer!)

Siblings: "Crazy" (Funny, they all did, or are doing, the same things I dared to do)

Relatives: "Rebellious" (Just another translation of me not lying down for people to walk over)

Girls: "Bitch" (yeah, I admit it, I can be mean when you're being ignorant)

Boys: "Intimidating" (LOL, Because I won't play your silly little games???)

Friends: "Sweet" (Awww, you can always count on your friends!)

Neighbors: "Humorous" (It's a way to deal with the irony of life)

Employers: "Hardworking" (Too bad I don't have a job)

Aquaintances: "Mature and Intelligent" (They refused to give only one answer. Ok, I didn't try to stop them either.)

As for my own opinion: "Passionate"

*What does this all mean? Multiple Personality Disorder. Oh well...

Swiped From Sugarmama and Sol

1. Your name spelled backwards.
eioj, but I'm thinking of changing it to NAOMI

2. Where were your parents born?
Father- Germany. Mother- Minnesota.

3. What is the last thing you downloaded onto your computer?
AOL 8.0

4. What's your favorite restaurant?
Popeyes for fast stuff, for an actual sit-down, Pasado's (mexican)

5. Last time you swam in a pool?
Can't remember.

6. Have you ever been in a school play?
Yes. A couple. My favorite was a series of shortplay spinoffs of Fairytales. I was one of three evil, but very humorous, spinster witches. One had a big thumb, one had a big tongue, and I had the big foot. I had to wear one of those clown shoes. Do you know how hard it is to walk in those things???

7. How many kids do you want?
As many more as it takes to get a girl. Unless I get to four. At four I stop. No more. It would be nice to get a girl on the next try. 2 would be a lovely number.

8. Type of music you dislike most?
That high-energy crap that doesn't have any words.

9. Are you registered to vote?

10. Do you have cable?

11. Have you ever ridden on a moped?

12. Ever prank call anybody?
yes, back before Caller ID was invented, we used to call the bars downtown and tell them we were sweedish exotic dancers looking for a job. "You have job for me no? I have job, I stay here in Amer-ic-ah!"

13. Ever get a parking ticket?

14. Would you go bungee jumping or sky diving?
yes, and yes.

15. Furthest place you ever traveled.
Madrid, Spain

16. Do you have a garden?

17. What's your favorite comic strip?
The ever-so-neurotic, Kathy

18. Do you really know all the words to your national anthem?

19. Bath or Shower, morning or night?
shower in morning, sometimes at night. Bath whenever I'm not feeling well.

20. Best movie you've seen in the past month?
New Guy.

21. Favorite pizza topping?
Bell Peppers

22. Chips or popcorn?

23. What color lipstick do you usually wear?
Usually a neutral shade. If not that then clear lip gloss.

24. Have you ever smoked peanut shells?
yeah. doesn't work.

25. Have you ever been in a beauty pageant?
yes, when I was 2

26. Orange Juice or apple?

27. Who was the last person you went out to dinner with and where did you dine?
Dj and Mikey, Ryan's

28. Favorite type chocolate bar?

29. When was the last time you voted at the polls?
It's been a long time, but whenever there's an actual candidate worth voting for

30. Last time you ate a homegrown tomato?

31. Have you ever won a trophy?
yeah, most of them for debate and speech

32. Are you a good cook?

33. Do you know how to pump your own gas?

34. Ever order an article from an infomercial?

35. Sprite or 7-up?
7-up yours, no, actually Sprite

36. Have you ever had to wear a uniform to work?
yes *zipping my lips*

37. Last thing you bought at a pharmacy?
Epsom Salts

38. Ever throw up in public?

39. Would you prefer being a millionaire or find true love?

40. Do you believe in love at first sight?

41. Ever call a 1-900 number?

42. Can ex's be friends?
yes. but not with me. or my significant other.

43. Who was the last person you visited in a hospital?
My sister-in-law when Shelby was born. And that was a year before Mikey was born! It's been a long time.

44. Did you have a lot of hair when you were a baby?
yes. dark curls. tons.

45. What message is on your answering machine?
no answering machine

46. What's your all time favorite Saturday Night Live Character?
Anything Adam Sandler played

47. What was the name of your first pet?
Tiger, an orange stripped cat. I was so original.

48. What is in your purse?
Check stub, change, check book, recipies I tore out of a magazine at the doctor's office today, calculator, recipts, michael's birth certificate, his shot record, my birth certificate, address book, Blockbuster card, camera, mikey's M & M's, coupons, comb, pencil, insurance card, and an appt. card for Mikey's next visit with the ear, nose, and throat specialist.

49. Favorite thing to do before bedtime?
Computer time.

50. What is one thing you are grateful for today?
Mikey's ear tubes are finally coming out.

Sunday, October 20, 2002

Internal Conversation


talk about a bad hair day.

how are you doing?

i'm ok.


talking in one liners.

man that's easy.

for once, i'm not trying to compose some fancy shamncy sentence.


still cold.

gotta clean the apartment.

maybe i'll stop this now.

maybe i won't.

Need A Measuring Cup?

I don't measure life by the number of breaths i take...but by the number of moments my breath is taken away...

Are You Lost?

What the hell are you doing here? Go back and make a left turn onto SANE Rd.

Read it. Know it. It makes things much easier for all of us.

Dating: The process of spending enormous amounts of money,
time, and energy to get better acquainted with a person
whom you don't especially like in the present and will
learn to like a lot less in the future.

Easy: A term used to describe a woman who has
the morals of a man.

Friend: A member of the opposite sex in your acquaintance
who has some flaw which makes sleeping with him/her totally

Sober: A condition in which it is almost impossible to
fall in love.

Law Of Relativity: How attractive a given person appears
to be is directly proportionate to how unattractive your
date is.

Why does it take 100 million sperm to fertilize one egg?
- Because not one will stop and ask for directions.

Why is it difficult to find men who are sensitive, caring and good looking?
- They all already have boyfriends.

Why do men like smart women?
- Opposites attract

"Dont do me no stinkin` favors. I don`t know Karate, but I know KA-RAZY"
-James Brown-

What is Columbus Day to you?

Here's a post I wrote in my notepad last week and forgot to publish it.

[A little lesson on the appropriation of "America" and what it meant for Native American population, to whom our land originally belonged. Read on if you want to be educated on the reality of Colombus Day and Thanksgiving]

"Today there are over 500 federally recognized Native-American nations in the United States. At the time that Columbus arrived in the West Indes there were approximately 10 million indigenous people in North America. Today, after reaching a low point around 1900, the population of Native-Americans in the United States is around 3 million according to the U.S. government census figures, although these figures are highly contested.

The population of Taino people and other local inhabitants of the West Indies decreased from several million to 22,000 by 1514, only 22 years after Columbus arrived. The population of Native Americans in the continental United States decreased from 12 million to 237,000 during the first four centuries of our history. During that time white people expropriated 97.5 percent of Native-American land.

...Early in its history, the United States government systematically killed Native Americans in this country to remove them from land that colonists wanted, often with the stated intention of committing genocide. This policy was consistent, from the highest levels of government down to the ordinary citizens who carried out much of the destruction...

..People justified the genocide by saying that Native Americans died from diseases they were biologically unable to resist. We know that white people introduced diseases to Native-American populations intentionally and systematically as part of a policy of extermination. For example, "In 1763, Lord Jeffrey Amherst ordered a subordinate to distribute items taken from a smallpox infirmary as 'gifts' during a peace parley with Pontiac's Confederacy...Upwards of 100,000 Indians died of smallpox in the ensuing epidemic." ...

...Another justification people have used for their violence is that Native Americans were simple and unsophisticated and that, by implication, their culture was not really a loss because they were unable to compete in the modern world. In fact, there were long-term, stable, complex and sophisticated cultures in all parts of this country...
...They were so developed that westerners continually took their ideas and practices and incorporated them into their institutions. White American settlers exploited Native-American agricultural, medicinal, hunting, and various craft techniques, land-use patterns, trade routes, and the genetic developments of foods and were also heavily influenced by Native-American social and political arrangements."

-excerpts from "Uprooting Racism" by Paul Kivel-

In our schools' history and social studies textbooks, we are taught that Columbus and his shipmates arrived on what they thought to be India, with good intentions, and sought for peaceful agreement with the indigenous people. We are led to believe that Columbus "discovered" a new frontier, an unventured piece of land whose inhabitants were unsophisticated, barbaric, and so undeveloped, that the colonists were doing the people a favor in colonizing there. The truth is that the colonists settled on Native American soil with the intention of taking ownership of all the land and of all the materials that existed there, and had no qualms about committing mass murder of a whole population of people in order to do so. Today, we are supposedly celebrating the founding of a land that was in reality already inhabited by a sophisticated and capable group of people, whose villages we sabatoged, whose men, women, and children we systematically murdered, and whose ideas, customs, and idealogy we assimilated into our culture and held as our own.

It is true that had Columbus never arrived on the land that we now call America, none of us would be here today, and none of us would have the opportunities we do now. In fact, if he had not been so ignorant as to think he was actually in India, the "land of the free" may never have come to exist. Face it, he was headed for Asia, and he just happened to stop on the Native Americans' land instead. But nonetheless, we should understand the pillage and largescale genocide that occured centuries ago to the Native American people. The people who created our nation committed a serious injustice that has effected the lives of all of us, and each and every American who has come before us, especially Native Americans themselves.

When put into perspective, the injustice to Native Americans far outweighs the injustices of almost any other people. Not only has their home been taken, their families annihilated, their development and intelligence as a people slandered, but in addition, there are national holidays held to honor it. The next time you want to consider the implications of patriotism and integrity in our nation's holidays, remember that there is more often than not a misrepresentation of the truth. Many of our country's supposed triumphs are often a result, or at the expense, of another country or people's downfall or discrimination.



Can we celebrate Hitler now?

[yes I am being sarcastic.]


Kinda random subject...Why do people cheat? A song was making me think of relationships and stuff and then got to cheating. I think it's the most stupid thing you could ever do to someone, like there's no point whatsoever. If you can't be honest and loyal to the one you're with, then why do you bother to stay with them? If you feel that someone else can offer you what your partner can't, why do you insist that the relationship continues? It's one thing to make a mistake, when you happen to be drunk or whatnot (though it's still very unexcusable), but its another thing to try to maintain a healthy relationship while having another outside relationship.

You have to think that a person would need some twisted psychological and emotional problems as to be able to supposedly care for one person, but at the same time knowingly and willingly betray them. But what if its because of love? Is it possible to love two people at the same time? Not just love like family or close friend, but be in love with. I used to think it was possible, but not so much anymore. I think that if you truly are in love with someone, it is their unique being that causes it to be real love and differentiates it from being strong affection. In my opinion, most relationships are based on strong affection and comfort instead of love. And I don't think its possible to feel the exact same way about two people at once, because how is anything special if one person makes you feel just as good as the other? Makes no sense to me.

I Want To Know Your Story

We all have our foolish moments....let's share them! :)

Led Astray To Illusionary Assumptions

My mind is playing tricks on me, my heart is sending another fraudulent message, and my eyes are set on the wrong side of the road, as I continue to walk towards the wrong destination..Catch me...Before I go too far..

For Those Of Us Who Don't Appreciate Male Bodily Fluids:

Bailey's & Lime
Girl & her boyfriend go to the pub. When it's the
girl's turn to buy a round, she tells him that she's
heard of a wonderful new drink he simply must try.

She returns with the usual half of lager for
herself. For him, she has two glasses. One contains
a measure of Bailey's, the other lime juice.

Instructions: "OK, what you gotta do is, you gotta
swig the Bailey's, hold it in your mouth, and then
drink the lime juice."

He looks a bit dubious, but she's very enthusiastic
so he decides to give it a go.

First the Bailey's; lovely smooth, creamy, warm
feeling in the mouth. Then he takes the lime juice.

T + 0.1 secs: The cream in the Bailey's curdles.
T + 0.3 secs: Boyfriend's face turns the colour of
fresh lime juice.
T + 0.6 secs: Boyfriend calms his stomach &
swallows the gunge.
T + 1.5 secs: She whispers in his ear....

"It's called Blowjob revenge"

Ahem, it really works, try it.

And now, I'm off to the circus with Beans. Hey, at least you got one new post! More to come later.

Thursday, October 17, 2002


A few of you have requested permission to put the awards up on your blogs. Go for it! I'd be honored! If you want the code for it you can right click and view my source, it's not on my server, and it's a public code. Or I can email it to you. Or you can right click it and save the image to your own server. Whatever's easiest for you. I'm glad you all liked them. Have fun!

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

"2002 Weblogger Awards Brought To You By: Wannabe Girl!"

After getting my awards, I thought it would be fun to make a silly award for all of you, my favorite co-bloggers out there. So welcome to the 2002 Weblogger Awards! (They're split up into differnt posts, because I didn't know if Blogger has a limit on the number of characters in a post)

Lisanne, (aka, "The Bathtub Junkie") Proud Owner of, Bathtub Junkie
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in the category of
Most Helpful Weblogger

Sugarmama, Proud Owner of, Sugarmama
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in the category of
Weblogger With The Best Abs

Keauxgeigh, (aka, "K") Proud Owner of, Drop The Chalupa
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in the category of
Biggest Twins Fan Weblogger

Hoopty (aka Mike), Proud Owner of, Hooptyloops
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in the category of
Biggest Pimp Weblogger

Hunter, Proud Owner of, Rock, Paper, Bazooka!
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in the category of
Best Southern Weblogger

Norman, Proud Owner of, Thoughts On The Opposite Sex
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Best New Weblogger

Katie, Proud Owner of, Blog Of Wrath
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in the category of
Best Teen Weblogger

Prose (aka, "Nicholas" and whatever his real name is), Proud Owner of, Prosian Thoughts
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Weblogger With The Quickest Wit

Tiara, Proud Owner of Naked Thoughts
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Jayesh, Proud Owner of, Jayesh's Blog
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Most Humorous Weblogger

Marc (aka, MAJik MARCer), Proud Owner of, MAJic MARCer
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in the category of
Nicest Boy Weblogger

Mary, Proud Owner of, Minutiae
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Best Teacher
Most Patient Weblogger

Rich, Proud Owner of, Brain Squeezings
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Weblogger With The Biggest Vocabulary

Joni, Proud Owner of,
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Weblogger With The Hottest Ride

Kate (aka, KateSpot), Proud Owner of, Katespot
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in the category of
Best Mom Weblogger

Lynn, Proud Owner of, The Short Hours
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Lynn at The Short Hours
in the category of
Best Weblog About The Weblogger

Rob (aka, "Acidman," "Gutdude," "Bubba of Bombast," oh hell he's got too many friggin names), Proud Owner of,
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in the category of
Biggest Pissant Weblogger

Sol (aka, "Solee", "Solange", "Sun Angel", "Isha", dang she's got alot too!), Proud Owner of, Ramblings With Isha
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in the category of
andMost Inspiring Weblogger

Joan (aka, "Joanie", "Da Goddess"), Proud Owner of, Joanie - Hairy Toes And The Lemonade Rhino
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in the category of
Most Flirtatious
Worshipable Weblogger

JB (aka, "Long-Haired Country Boy"), Proud Owner of,
'O Logos kai Alatheia
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in the category of
Most Intelligent Weblogger

Amy (aka, "Ames"), Proud Owner of, Amy.Dflytech.Com
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Biggest Hearted Weblogger

Liv, Proud Owner of, Liv's Life
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in the category of
Best 20ish Weblogger

"And The Award Goes To......"

*Sniff, Sniff* I just want to thank my family, and God, and all of my fans out there. You guys are the best! *dabbing eyes with tissue*

awarded to
in the category of
Best Looking Weblogger

awarded to
Life In Louisiana
in the category of
Most Disturbing Search Requests

Monday, October 14, 2002

Word Of The (Other) Day: "Kewl"

The other day, my mind was in la-la land...and it was great! Not caring about anything...and simply doing what you want, when you want, how you want, without worrying about what other people think is probably the best feeling in the world. I found that there are benefits to stupidity...among those being entertainment. I personally can never have too much entertainment. If I had it my way, my life would be one huge "stupid"-fest wherein no form of serious persona would exist.

At the same time, common sense is extremely important. Picture the most ideal setting you can walk into...practically built to accomodate what you've been wishing and hoping for, only to ignore everything around you due to lack of common sense...or abundance of stupidity. And as the realization materializes, you beat yourself for not taking advantage of the opportunity. The thought lingers in your mind for a LONG time until yet another opportunity comes knocking at your door once again. Yeah, it happened the other day. ARGH!!!

I'm so weak. Hooray for weaknesses.

"Things NEVER Go My Way....."

....and because of this, I just want to SCREAM! ARGGHHH!!!!!!!! #*!*#*(^$#!*#$**%%%^!!! Sometimes, I just wanna leave everything behind, run away, and start off fresh. If only life were one of those film slates where you can simply lift the film, erase everything you've drawn, and start new again. I get sick of "routine." Every week is a f()&*%g routine...I need variety. I need a "boost." Something to break the redundancy I'm experiencing. I feed off new experiences...and anticipation. Not knowing the unexplained and feeling the need to find me life. I'm a sucker for thrills. Almost everybody around me seems like they're caught in an everlasting ritual of doing the same thing, day in, day out, week in, week clockwork. I like spontaneousness. I FEEN for spontaneous events. If someone decides to go for a 3-5 hour drive across the state, I'll say "let's go." The thing is I can never do things alone. I need people to share it with me. Life is boring alone...point blank period.

So, I guess this post has yet again turned into a mindless rambling that makes no sense. Cliffnotes:
- Life currently sucks
- I need a "booster"
- I hate routine
- I'm surrounded by conformists
- I like being spontaneous
- Living events by yourself sucks

Some things that I've said go against what I've been striving for. I guess that just goes to show how human I really am. Wow, I guess I'm not perfect. Boohoo.

Sunday, October 13, 2002

"The Twins"

*SOB* It's all over........Wah.......*on my knees and cursing God*.......WHY God?!? WHY?!?!...........We deserved this World Series and all of you know it! Especially YOU K!

Maybe next year???

"It Worked!"

WHOOO-HOOO!! It worked! We won! We won! YAY Vikings!! First win of the season! "You can't stop us now, you can only hope to contain us!"

So, let's try it for the Twins!

Go Twins! You can do it! We GOT this series!!!

"Stuck On ZZ Top"

"Give me all your luvin'
all your hugs and kisses too.
Give me all your luvin'
don't let up until we're through!"


"Clean shirt, new shoes,
and I don't know what I am gonna do.
Silk suit, black tie,
I don't need a reason why-y-y.
They come running just as fast as they can cuz',
Every girl's crazy bout a sharp-dressed man!"


"What in the world's come all over me?
I ain't got a chance of one in three.
Ain't got no rap, ain't got no line
but if you'll give me just a minute I'll be feelin' fine."


C'mon Vikings give us a win today! Make it worthwhile for Amy to be sitting there out in the cold!!

"Why Would You Not Want To Know???"

Einstein's friend, and fellow physicist, Abraham Pais, called him "the freest man I have known," by which he meant that by the pure act of thinking, Einstein controlled his destiny. His mind was utterly fearless, and by its uses he diminished fear in others. "It stands to the everlasting credit of science," Einstein wrote, "that by acting on the human mind, it has overcome man's insecurity before himself and before nature." And so he became a model of what humans might do if they put their mind to it.

Great story, had to share it with ya guys, I love the part about thinking, and controlling your destiny. So I ask again, why would you want to be ignorant -(even though very blissful), using your mind is your only way out of an unknown future filled with questions and doubt. you can't control your destiny without affirming your thoughts and/or beliefs in life. Think about it....


What do you want to read today? What is it you're looking for? What can I do to excite you this brief encounter we are having at this very moment? What can be said that hasn't already been said? Truth? Yes, that's a good one. I love that idea, what about yourself? Want to here it? Want to cover your being with it? Step inside the vast wonderful bubble of love. Fill it so full of air and make me pop. Make yourself pop. Feeling down? Feeling blue? Green? Sick of it all? Sick of the lies? Keep the truth and you will prosper. Truth negates pain. Pleasure derived from truth. Pain wisped away by the need, and curiosity of what is real. Pleasure lost by what is not.

"I Was Once Posed The Scenario:"

"What if you died and God said that you wouldn't be allowed into heaven. Instead, you would have to go to hell. Would you be able to accept that?"

God is just. He doesn't let the innocent suffer. Therefore if He decreed that you should burn in hell, then you should burn in hell.

But that takes so much faith...

I look back and think about all the times I've questioned God about the stupid and trivial things in my life. "Why'd You do this?" "Why'd You do that?" And I wonder, if God finally took away something truly important in my life, how would I react? Would I acknowledge His justice or would I rebel? If God took away Himself, which encompasses everything good and holy, from my life, how would I react?

I was watching the movie Dogma earlier (hehe... Catholic-bashing) and the actress (whose name I forget) said something like, "God has a plan? What about my plans? Were my plans not good enough for God?"

And I guess the answer is yes, my plans aren't good enough for God. Jonah didn't want to preach, look what happened to him. I'm pretty sure Saul of Taurus never imagined himself ending up the way he did. God does have a plan for all of us, and in the end, I want nothing more than to please Him.

... and I missed another day of church.


Saturday, October 12, 2002

"Ba-ba-baby You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet!"

I'm AIM-ing right now with my best friend from high school. We're exchanging groundless accusations about having crushed on weird random guys. We-e-ell... maybe not entirely groundless. High school was a funny time of life.

Since then, my psychological people-schemata have morphed and died and self-re-organized and gone thru the blender and come out inverted and inter-spliced and reconfigured and recycled and unrecognizable and... unre-usable.

During the past three years, (one year, being pregnant) the cogs and wheels of my parenthood experience have blunted my anality, sharpened my introspective scalpel, added bite to my wit, dessicated my self-delusions, killed and resurrected my confidence, and splashed color onto my intellectual lenses. I have cringed, moaned, cried, shrugged, and starved my way thru obsession, compulsion, isolation, and depression. I have also had my first foretastes of sincere love, intense joy, overwhelming peace. I say "fore"tastes because I have a sneaking suspicion that I ain't seen nothing yet.

"Rediscover Retardedness"

Wouldn't it be cool if I could write like a regular person and not like a freaking human dictionary? I feel all eloquent when I type it out, then I read it over a few days later and I'm like ew, who talks like this?

Gotta rediscover my retarded sense of humor. I think I buried it upon entering the cruel world of junior high, and never bothered to dig it up since. It's definitely still there--it rears its fat ugly head when I'm around the right people--but it's still buried, under a crap-load of words and pseudo-profundity.

Rediscover retardedness.


It stings a little to be nabbed (not altogether unjustifiably--and by the incisive riskad, no less) as "proud" and "elitist." Not so much because it means I'm a self-important snot, but because I know, in my gut, that I have little to be proud of. And still less to be smug about.

Yeah, so I sometimes entertain this fear that when I die, I'll have fallen short of my "potential." But I think this fear belies a deeper-seated worry that this latent "potential" itself falls short of my own delusions.

While walking in Wal-Mart Hell today, I mentally zoomed out to scruitinize my soul. I mused that self-important melancholy does little for a person, except maybe generate somewhat interesting internal monologues, consisting largely of blase cynical truisms and existential scoffing. It may try casually to parade as "unaffected realism" or "brutal honesty." But it's really arrogance at the core. And, fundamentally, despair.

It's ugly. Of course, I can only speak for myself.

I also concluded that--instrumentally speaking, at the very least--silliness and romanticism aren't necessarily bad things. They can do wonders for a person's psyche. Periods of relative happiness, in my life history, have roughly correlated with periods in which I've been consumed less with issues of intellectual import and more with... nothing. I've been happiest when I can find it in my heart to forget myself, simply to live in this world of people and small talk and shared meals and un-ironic laughter.

On an unrelated tangent, I am most definitely not a genius. Don't mind me. I have this incessant (pathological?) compulsion to deliver the "diss." I constantly generate sardonic thoughts (hilariously witty, to me) that forever echo in the caverns of my A.D.D.-afflicted mind. Only about half make it into verbalized form, and of those, I sincerely mean only about 85 percent. Go figure.

"Shower Musings..."

Popular gripe: "I hate being judged." But do you really? I'm not convinced.

Humans are social and rational creatures. We're programmed to seek mutual acceptance. Since the negative counterpart of acceptance is rejection, actively seeking social approval entails sticking your neck out and risking the diss. How much neck you decide to stick out hinges upon how socially desperate/daring you are.

Nobody wants to live unscrutinized. Everybody wants to be judged--aches to be. The thing is, our desire isn't just to be judged, but to be judged and found acceptable... or exceptional, for the greedy among us. That desire is problematic, because obviously not everyone is gonna think you're the coolest.

Think about it... why post your thoughts here? No shortage of pen-n-paper.

So the protest against being judged per se is misdirected--it's really a muddled attempt to assert one's imaginary "right" not to be rejected. I have yet to hear a solid reason to believe that such a "right" exists. But I'm open to new arguments: if you think you've got one, by all means, bring it on.

Yeah, I do recall what I said previously about off-hand judgments, and I don't think it conflicts with anything here. In that entry, I was soap-boxing about the thoughtless, irresponsibly assertive manner in which we often verbalize groundless judgments. Subtly different--but decidedly distinct--issue. Beg to differ? Shoot me a compelling comment.

Or, if you like, just shoot me.

"Hee, Hee, Hee, Hee"

"As a young boy, when you get splashed by a mud puddle on the way to school, you wonder if you should go home and change, but be late for school, or go to school the way you are; dirty and soaking wet. Well, while he tried to decide, I drove by and splashed him again."